About Us

GUILIN SONGQUAN FOREST CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. is one of domestic enterprise for forestry product chemical .The company started in 1951, and now it has become one of the largest enterprise for producing gum rosin over mainland by decades of striving.

The company has the ability to produce 15000 tons gum rosin, 2600 tons turpentine, 5000 tons polymerized rosin, 300 tons rosin nitril D and rosin amine D, 50 tons dehydroabietylamine.

The scale, the technical support, the equipment and procedure and the high quality of products have made products shipped over 30 countries and regions in the world, including Japan, America, Western Europe and Southeast Asia, that widely praised by internal and external customers, besides that the foreign exchange deposit to millions of dollars annually.

The enterprise always follows the principle of "The first is quality, the highest is customers" and focus on establishing the modern management of enterprise with high grade service serving society.

The company located in south of the beautiful city of Guilin, covering 13,000 square metres. The conditions of traffic-marine, railway and airline is convenient, and base construction-water supply, power supply and gas supply highly meets the neesa of re-exploitation.

We are hoping for closer cooperation with internal and external customers, benefiting each other, developing together.